Well Come: change is in the air

At the beginning of any season there is a huge expectation of movement in a new direction, or continued movement in the current direction or maybe even, stillness. The common idea of seasonal adjustments is that sense that there is change, there is something unexpected ahead.

The start of a new year or a new season, both in nature and in our nature or circumstance, is a time when we often look towards the new days ahead and wonder at them. Both in apprehension, expectation and anticipation. Neither holding them to a promise of blessing or to the negative opposite.

It is in this place of vistas, of high places where we stand with hands at our brows, overlooking a landscape of time, it is this space where we come well to. Well come, welcome. A place where we can stand and look at the path ahead, glance at the path behind. A high place where we can come to and be welcome by the Holy One.
Come into this space and breathe, you are welcome here, you are already loved and already awaited by the One who is in the pathway ahead.

Photo of green cliff and ocean

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