It is easier to find guides, someone to tell you what to do, than someone to be with you in a discerning, prayerful companionship as you work it out yourself. This is what spiritual direction is.

What is Spiritual Direction?

We were all meant to live life with an awareness of God’s presence and love, yet so often we are too busy and distracted to notice! In spiritual direction, we set aside time to meet with someone who will prayerfully listen as we reflect on our relationship with our Creator, and who can help us discern and experience God’s presence and the Spirit’s movement in more of a moment-by-moment way. A spiritual director holds safe, sacred space for us and helps us discern and experience God’s presence. Spiritual directors offer an invitation to encounter the Holy, either one-on-one or in a group setting. 

Introduction to Spiritual Direction Recorded Workshop

Watch this two-part recorded workshop to learn more about Spiritual Direction here at the Journey Center.

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