Saying Yes to the Archangel

On the feast of the Annunciation, I began to think about Mary. We know the story, we revere her for being the Mother of our Lord. But when Gabriel brought her the message and the request, she said, “Yes, I’ll do it.” 

What was she saying yes to? 

I’m reminded of unwed mothers all over the world, in history and in our times. Mary was saying yes to being whispered about, the corner-of-the-eye stares from women and leering glances from men. She was saying goodbye to her reputation and perhaps to some of her friends, those who thought her a fallen woman. 

She was saying yes to the Saviour and to God’s design, but she was also saying yes to all those things we loathe. Being marginalised and maligned, laid low in the eyes of her community. And yet, she continued down the path of obedience, the choice she made was sound, but not popular. 

There are choices surrounding us every day, invitations from the Spirit which may not make sense or be popular, but which enhance God’s work on earth if we allow them to take residence in us. 

What is our invitation today?

Art by Julie Vivas. Vivas, Julie. The Nativity. Clarion Books, 2006


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