Travels with Odysseus: The Enneagram in Counter-Clockwise Order 2020


Enneagram teacher/trainer and spiritual director, Kathryn Grant, guides us on this journey on the Aegean Sea with Odysseus and we discover and explore each of the nine Enneagram types along the way. Kathryn is a gifted story-teller and she brings to light, from this ancient story, practical insights and wisdom for our personal journey today!

Recorded from a Zoom workshop on Saturday, November 14, 2020, with guest Enneagram teacher Kathryn Grant!

Set sail on the Aegean Sea and travel with Odysseus as he makes his way home from Troy. His journey transforms him from a warrior hero to a hero of a very different sort – a man who completes his destiny with an act of symbolic reconciliation. He meets monsters and helpers, gets shipwrecked and stranded, and finally arrives home just in time… to meet serious trouble there.

Homer relates the travails of Odysseus in counter-clockwise order around the Enneagram – go figure. Spend time with Odysseus on this 10-year journey. (We will move much more quickly) You’ll find wisdom and instructions for our modern journey in these stories. We are challenged to notice how we access, or ignore, each Enneagram stop along the way. Nothing enhances our learning like a well-told tale, and Homer was among the best.

Odysseus’ journey is our journey. We may not meet with quite such ferocity nor spend so much time clutching logs floating around in salt water, but we too meet many adventures, making adjustments and decisions as we make our way Home – to find that we never really left and then we, too, confidently enter our symbolic life.

Michael’s book, Travels with Odysseus, is available on Amazon and other discount book sellers. It is not necessary to purchase a book to enjoy the cruise.

See you on the Aegean Sea!


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