Sail the Wine Dark Sea: Session 7 (Threes)


Session Seven: We pick up our journey with the challenge to sail through the straight and narrow to avoid Scylla and Charybdis.  Take necessary losses – a three quality. See the goal, set the course and go. Stranded on the island of the sun God, Helios, hungry, thirsty, far from home – can we hold ourselves to the truth, be persistent and follow strict instructions (again from Tiresias of how to survive) – or do we make our own rules – as threes have been known to do. What can we learn about arrogance and swagger from the threes?

This video is Session Seven of a 10 Session Series: Click here to view the entire series.

Set sail on the wine dark sea with Odysseus as he travels from Troy to Home in Ithaca. A distance of 565 nautical miles, a two-week sea cruise. It takes ten years! Sail the sea, meet the monsters, applaud the help-mates. Partake of bread, cheese and wine – even if metaphorically. On our way home we will travel the Enneagram in counter-clockwise order. Every encounter along the way has lessons, questions, warnings and encouragement for us. Odysseus arrives home – not to spoil the ending – a changed man. A different sort of hero. We will arrive home changed as well. His journey is ours.

Using Michael Goldberg’s brilliant book, Travels with Odysseus, we will leave Troy, victorious in that infamous war. Spoils of war filling 12 ships to sail home to Ithaca. The journey mirrors our necessary travels to home, loosening our egos and discovering our gentle strengths, our values, our virtuous selves.

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