Behave: A Different Perspective on Passions/Vices (Session Six)


Join Enneagram teacher Kathryn Grant as she guides us on this exploration of Enneagram type Eight (and the Eight in all of us). The focus of this series is a different perspective on Enneagram passions/vices.

This is Session Six of a series. Click here to explore the entire video series. You can either purchase individual recordings of this series’ sessions or purchase the entire series for a discount.


We who use the Enneagram, in whatever way that is, stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. The authors, the teachers, the leaders. One such person is Claudio Naranjo. We know about him, about his works, we may have read some of his writing.

He was brilliant and reclusive – and accessible in his own way. He is known most recently for his work defining subtypes. His earlier contributions, based in Psychology, defined types by their passion as shown in our behaviors, and outlined possible pathologies associated with type. His school, Seekers After Truth, grew in popularity and numbers.

I recently re-found his book, Character and Neurosis, 1994, on my bookshelf… a fascinating and powerful book whose concepts we will explore together in this series. Format: one session per week for three weeks, wherein we will study and discuss one of the triads. Then a break of a few weeks before studying the next triad, followed by one more break and studying the third triad. (It is not required that you purchase or read the book; that is optional)

“…personality is viewed as a system of traits.”
“…bringing about a new, deeper, and broader experience of the self.”
These quotes are from the preface and foreword. Intrigued?

Following are the labels that Naranjo gave each Enneatype- enlightening and a call to serious students. We invite you to join us – this promises to be a fantastic opportunity for discussion, exploration, and deepening your understandings:

1.) Anger and Perfectionism
2.) Pride and the Histrionic Personality
3.) Vanity, Inauthenticity, and “The Marketing Orientation”
4.) Envy and Depression and the Masochistic Character
5.) Avarice and Pathological Detachment
6.) Cowardice, Paranoid character, and Accusation
7.) Gluttony, Fraudulence, and the “Narcissistic Personality”
8.) Sadistic Character and Lust
9.) Psychospiritual Inertia and the Over-adjusted Disposition

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