The Contemplative Life

The contemplative life is the steady gaze of the soul upon the God who loves us.

There is an approach to living that the Spirit has invited people to over the centuries, one in which our awareness of (and responsiveness to) God’s presence is deepened in a more moment-to-moment way. This is the contemplative life and it does NOT require that you move to the desert and live like a monk. Rather, the invitation is to be fully present in this moment, wherever you are, and discover the Holy One there.

Upcoming Contemplative Life Gatherings

Special Series - Embodied Edges: Exploring the Feminine Mystics and Prophets

Join Spiritual Companion, writer and Journey Center Association board member Emily Conway for this exploration of feminine mystics and prophets from the edges.

Contemplative Life Groups

Contemplative Life Videos

We will post Contemplative Life Videos here when we have them. (View our Video Library page to access videos in other pathways.)

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