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Introduction to the Contemplative Pathways

Many people find their way to a Journey Center because they are longing for a real experience of the presence and love of the Holy One…and the transformation that comes as a result. Perhaps you have noticed this desire stirring in you as well.

We like using the imagery of “pathways” as a way of understanding that the spiritual journey is unique to each person and different practices (pathways) can lead to deep and true encounter with the Holy.  Many of these practices have ancient roots and still speak to us today.

Notice what you are feeling drawn to at this season in your life. Click on a link below to learn more about each pathway and what opportunities and resources we provide.

The Contemplative Life

There is an approach to living that the Spirit has invited people to over the centuries, one in which our awareness of (and responsiveness to) God’s presence is deepened in a more moment-to-moment way.

Contemplative Prayer and Meditation

Contemplative prayer and meditation practices take us deeper by inviting us to simply be with God in quietness as we open ourselves to Love and listen for God’s heart and our own true heart.

Spiritual Direction

In spiritual direction, we set aside time to meet with someone who will prayerfully listen as we reflect on our relationship with our Creator. A spiritual director holds safe, sacred space for us and helps us discern and experience God’s presence.

Contemplative Retreats

Life is filled with God’s invitations to us and what a wonderful thing it is to be invited to step out of the busyness of our lives into time away on personal retreat, simply because God wants to be with us.

Arts, Creativity and Spirituality

The arts and creative expression are pathways that open a beautiful connection to our own heart, to the Holy One and to others. We experience God’s presence and love as we explore our creativity.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a resource for transformation in our lives, relationships and communities. The nine personality types with their distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are reflections of how each of us is uniquely created in the divine image.

Encountering the Holy in Creation

For many, Creation is a pathway to encountering the Holy. Standing on a distant mountaintop or watching a butterfly in your own backyard inspires and opens us to the Love and Grace in those sacred moments.

Making a Difference (Activism/Service)

As we encounter the Holy, we experience and are nourished by unconditional love and are set free to live from our authentic self. The gifts we receive are meant to be shared with others in our community and world.


We are all on a journey, that is true…and there is a special kind of physical journey we can choose to take that does indeed help us find our way home to our own true heart and the heart of God.

May We Pray For You?

We have a group of caring people who love to pray for others and you can send us your specific prayer request by simply filling out the form on this page. Know that we will hold your request in confidence as we hold you in our hearts and prayers. Please include your contact information if you would like us to follow up with you on your prayer request.

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