Open my Eyes and my Heart, God…

A few years ago, my husband and I read a little book about the “potager”, the French kitchen garden. The author of the book described a practice of going into the garden every morning and looking to see what was ripe and ready to be harvested. Only after seeing what the garden provided would the decision be made about what would be prepared for the evening meal! We loved this idea and try to practice it regularly…

I went out to the garden one recent morning, early in the day, to see what the garden was offering us for our dinner. I was struggling with the impact of the pandemic on my life… restrictions on my “freedom”, a constriction of my connections with others and thus my heart. I so wanted things to be the way they had always been before!

As I harvested tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, an onion and blackberries… my heart was filled with gratitude. Then the Spirit opened my eyes and my heart, and I sensed a wonderful, freeing invitation.

Rather than focusing on what I have lost due to the restrictions of the pandemic, what if I approach every day in the same way I enter my garden to discover what is being offered?

Please… open my eyes and my heart, God. I want to discover what You are providing and blessing me with each day, the unexpected gifts that day reveals. May I receive them with humility and gratitude. 


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