Journey Center Locations

In addition to offering this online Journey Center, we mentor and support those who are sensing the Spirit’s invitation to birth some kind of contemplative spirituality center in their area. There are several established Journey Centers in the United States, one in New Zealand, and others in the process of discernment about starting a Journey Center. Click on a Journey Center Associate’s link to visit their website.

Journey Center Santa Rosa
Phone: 707-390-0704
Contacts: Mindy Braun, Executive Director
Mailing Address:
1415 Fulton Rd. #205, PMB 157, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Journey Center Santa Rosa is a place for transformation. We are not a church or an institution, but a group of people who have encountered the Living Christ and are being transformed by Love into who we were created to be! It is our desire to offer you encouragement and resources, whatever your spiritual path may be.

Journey Center of Chicago
3901 N Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773- 817-0890
Contact: Eva Sullivan-Knoff, Executive Director

We are broken and beautiful people who are being transformed through God’s radical welcome and expansive love. We invite you to come as you are for who you are and to join us on a journey toward wholeness.

Journey Centre Christchurch
Christchurch, New Zealand
Phone: +64 21 223 0122
Contacts: Aluminé Andrew, Executive Director

Journey Centre Christchurch (JCC) is a group of people who are exploring and transforming their spirituality through contemplative practices. JCC is a facilitating group where we can make connections with people, material, workshops, retreats and those wanting to explore contemplative practices that apply to all areas of life.

Journey Center of Michigan
Greater Detroit Area, MI
Contact: Jennifer Andersson, Executive Director

The Journey Center of Michigan is a place for spiritual exploration and transformation, rooted in the contemplative tradition. It is our desire to offer you a place of connection, encouragement, and encounter, whatever your spiritual path may be. Whether you are joining us online or are able to join us in person, we hope you find connection and community!

Discernment Group Locations

Below is a list of the individuals and groups who are in the process of discerning with us whether the Spirit is inviting them to birth a Journey Center, or something like it, in their area. The Spirit is moving… people across the U.S. and in other countries are praying and listening. If one of these listings is near you, we encourage you to reach out and let them know of your interest!

Berlin, Germany
Contact: Greg Fauss

Livermore (East Bay), CA
Contact: Jodie Tey

Marin County, CA
Contact: Jan Stanish

Portland, OR
Contact: Michelle Winter

Omaha, NE
Contact: Emily Conway

Sacramento/Davis, CA
Contact: Terri Metzker

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