Formation & Spiritual Director Training Programs

At the core of all we offer here at Journey Center Online is Spiritual Direction… the invitation to encounter the Holy in a safe and loving place where there is freedom for you to come as you are and learn to listen to God’s quiet whisper in ways that are best suited to you. We are so privileged to have the opportunity to birth and develop these programs that offer experiences in spiritual formation for everyone and preparation/training for those called to serve as spiritual directors.

“The goal of spiritual direction is spiritual formation- the ever-increasing capacity to live a spiritual life from the heart.”
-Henri Nouwen

Spiritual Director Formation Program

We have offered this 2-year program since 2009 and have had the privilege of preparing more than 60 people to serve as spiritual directors in their communities and churches. This program is for those discerning a call to be trained in the art and ministry of spiritual direction. Participants are prepared and equipped to offer individual and group spiritual direction, and to envision and lead contemplative retreats. The initial commitment is to the first 6 months of the program, which is a time of discernment for participants- is God calling me to be trained as a spiritual director in this program at this time in my life?

Our mostly virtual Spiritual Director Formation Program is offered in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. We are currently accepting applications for the next formation group, which begins in March 2022. The application deadline is December 31, 2021.

Please note that we have made some changes in how our program is offered. At the start of the pandemic, we went from being a completely face-to-face program to a completely online program. On this journey, we discovered that certain components of the program were actually better online and so we have been in discernment about what a more hybrid program might look like in 2022-2024.

During this time of listening to the Spirit, we have been contacted by people living at quite a distance from us. We have made the decision to offer a mostly-virtual program format that would accommodate those who are able to travel here twice a year for our in-person retreats, as well as those who live more locally. In the months between our two retreats each year, there will be two Zoom sessions every month with the whole cohort, small group practice sessions and dyad conversations.

The Spiritual Director Formation Program Coordinator is Joanna Quintrell. She would love to hear from you to know of your interest in the program. Please contact her at

Spiritual Director Formation Program Staff

Advanced Training Intensives for Spiritual Directors

Intensives and workshops are offered online and in Santa Rosa, CA and other locations. These provide spiritual directors with the opportunity to deepen and enrich their practice of spiritual direction.

Training and certificates are offered in:

  • Spiritual Direction as if Oppression Matters
  • Group Spiritual Direction
  • The Art of Supervision
  • Dreamwork in Spiritual Direction
  • The Enneagram and Spiritual Direction
  • How to Offer Virtual Spiritual Direction Sessions
  • The Arts, Creativity and Spiritual Direction
  • and others

Our workshops and intensives are designed for spiritual directors who have completed their training; some are appropriate for those who are currently in a program but have not yet graduated. Check the description of the training for details.

Information about upcoming workshops and intensives is posted here as these opportunities are scheduled. Please contact Joanna Quintrell if you have any questions or would like to let her know of your interest in this program:

Spiritual Formation Program

In 2021, we will be offering monthly conversations that center around contemplative spiritual formation, practice and the complexity of being human.  These two-hour sessions will begin with silence and stillness, a spiritual practice and conversation around a particular topic and will be hosted by Journey Center Association Board Members and other Guest Hosts.  

This experiential program invites participants to explore contemplative life through various spiritual practices, readings and journaling, in community with other seekers on the same journey.  Encountering the presence and love of God, discerning and opening to the movement of the Spirit, and living from the true, authentic self…these are some of the anticipated gifts of these ongoing conversations.  

Information about upcoming spiritual formation conversations will be posted here as these opportunities are scheduled. Please contact Joanna Quintrell if you have any questions or would like to let us know of your interest in this program:

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