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Welcome! I am Joanna Quintrell, the director of the Journey Center Association. When I was the director of the Journey Center in Santa Rosa, I loved to greet the people who came through the door… and now I am delighted to also greet you, as you have found your way to the front door of THIS Journey Center…which is located right here, online.

As you come in and begin to explore the various “rooms” of Journey Center online, you will discover that we offer sacred space and contemplative resources for your spiritual journey…and even community and companionship, if you desire.

You are welcome here…
Come as you are, encounter the Holy…and see what happens!

How We Began…and Who We Are Today

The first Journey Center was birthed in Santa Rosa, California in 2008 after five years of exploring and developing a Spirit-inspired vision that was given to Joanna Quintrell and Dan Beach, who served together on the staff of a large church. The Spirit invited us to come into the community as a nonprofit organization and create a safe and loving place where everyone is welcome…those who are part of a Christian faith community, those who have been wounded in Christianity and are “allergic” to institutional church, those from other faith paths and those whose spirituality is not affiliated with a particular group. What do we have in common? We are all spiritually thirsty, desiring a deeper experience of the Holy.

Beginning in 2014, a larger vision began to unfold as we were contacted by groups from all over the U.S. and beyond who were being called to birth something similar in their communities. The Journey Center Association, our second nonprofit organization, came into being in 2016 and we work together to bring the gifts of the Journey Center to the world.

Our Seven Core Values

We are each on a journey of learning to live in authentic relationship with ourselves, others and the Holy One. These are our core values…what we have come to call “the Journey Center way”. Click on each box to learn more.

The Way of Hospitality

This is “radical Biblical hospitality”…welcoming the journeying stranger into the life of a community. Everyone is invited to “come as you are”; we listen with love and respect to each person’s story, no matter how different it is from our own.

The Way of Spiritual Direction

Everything we do at the Journey Center is rooted in spiritual direction- listening to each person’s unique story and together “sifting for the gold” of God’s presence and love being revealed to them.

The Contemplative Way

The contemplative Christian tradition offers many simple spiritual practices, rooted in the invitation to simply “be” with God. These add depth and richness to your journey, whatever path you are on.

The Way of Silence and Solitude

The practice of stepping out of the noise and busyness of life to be alone and quiet allows us to listen deeply to our own heart and the heart of God. Mother Teresa wisely said, “In the silence of the heart, God speaks.”

The Way of Discernment in Community

The Journey Center is God’s vision and we have the privilege of creating and holding sacred space for whatever the Spirit is doing in the lives of individuals and in us as a community. We listen together and all are transformed, rather than focusing on telling others how to live and believe.

The Way of Mission

Our hearts are open to discerning what the Spirit is inviting us to bring to our communities… from contemplation flows action.

The Way of Love

The Love that Christ extends to each of us gathers up all these core values into one word. LOVE is what we bring to the world- “Come as you are…you are loved!”

Stories of Transformation

Frederick Buechner wrote these beautiful words….

“It is absolutely crucial… to keep in constant touch with what is going on in your own life’s story and to pay close attention to what is going on in the stories of others’ lives. If God is present anywhere, it is in those stories that God is present.”

Here you will find stories from people who have said “yes” to the invitation to Come as you are, Encounter the Holy and See What Happens! As you read and listen to how God is present in the stories of others, may you be inspired to also say “yes” to this invitation.

Mindy Braun

At the Journey Center, I have found deep community with people who are seeking to experience the Holy and to allow the Spirit to transform their lives.

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Christine Fox

Spiritual Direction has helped me to recognize the heart of the contemplative living within me and develop spiritual practices that have helped nurture that heart. My directors have given me the tools to view, process and navigate my journey.

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Shawn Gutshall

Upon reflection I can speak of an experience characterized by a slow undoing over time, an undoing of assumptions, conclusions, attitudes and beliefs established on insufficient grounds long ago and by a gentle cracking open of the heart.

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Visit a Journey Center

The Journey Center Association mentors and supports those who are feeling called by the Spirit to birth some kind of contemplative spirituality center in their area. Many groups are in a discernment process and we now have two active Journey Centers in the United States. Use the link to their website to find out more, and stop by for a visit when you are in the neighborhood!

Journey Center Santa Rosa
P.O. Box 7754
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone: 707-578-2121
Contacts: Mindy Braun, Executive Director

Journey Center Santa Rosa is a place for transformation. We are not a church or an institution, but a group of people who have encountered the Living Christ and are being transformed by Love into who we were created to be! It is our desire to offer you encouragement and resources, whatever your spiritual path may be.

Journey Center of Chicago
3901 N Marshfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613
Phone: 773- 817-0890
Contact: Eva Sullivan-Knoff, Executive Director

We are broken and beautiful people who are being transformed through God’s radical welcome and expansive love. We invite you to come as you are for who you are and to join us on a journey toward wholeness.

Discernment Group Locations

Below is a list of the individuals and groups who are in the process of discerning with us whether the Spirit is inviting them to birth a Journey Center, or something like it, in their area. The Spirit is moving… people across the U.S. and in other countries are praying and listening. If one of these listings is near you, we encourage you to reach out and let them know of your interest!

Berlin, Germany
Contact: Greg Fauss

Livermore (East Bay), CA
Contact: Jodie Tey

Christchurch, NZ
Contact: Alumine Kennedy

Greater Detroit Area, MI
Contact: Jennifer Andersson

Manila, Philippines:
Contact (in California): Maricris Gaviola

Marin County, CA
Contact: Jan Stanish

Omaha, NE
Contact: Emily Conway

Sacramento/Davis, CA
Contact: Terri Metzker

Seattle, WA
Contact: Wendy Taylor

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