WILD COMMUNION: Encountering the Holy through Contemplative Nature Immersion


Dec 18 2021


9:00 am - 11:00 am



Contemplative Nature Walks

June 26, (September 25 cancelled), December 18, March 19, 2022, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST

Four contemplative walks are offered online through Zoom and in your wild space. You choose where you want to be and call in to the group phone meeting. Remember when you were a kid and you connected to something wild? And you felt like you belonged to something so much bigger You forgot to be worried, instead you felt alive and filled with wonder. Engaging with Creation in a contemplative way is a spiritual practice we need now. What if we moved slowly enough to allow our senses to come awake in the forest? Can we be in Nature without trying to get anywhere or achieve anything? What if we were very present to the Natural World? This beautiful way of being in the Natural World is for anyone who wants to connect with Nature and encounter the Holy there. There are no restrictions at all—no fitness levels, no ability levels. Everyone is welcome and Every Body belongs. These four walks are offered remotely, one during each season. Join us for just one walk or for all four. It is not unusual to have people from all over the world on the same call. Because we each choose our own location it feels remarkably private while at the same time profoundly connecting. During the few hours we spend together we may be in different climates, we may experience different expressions of Nature. While someone is watching the sun rise, perhaps someone else is watching the sun set. This beautiful way of being in the Natural World is for anyone who wants to connect with Nature and encounter the Holy there.


After my “Wild Communion Experience” I found myself even deeper in love with my favorite place in nature and with a deeper appreciation for Creation and Creator. –Shauna

It was a powerful and peaceful experience to choose my own place outdoors and have Michelle guide us all, wherever we might be, in a deeply contemplative encounter with the Holy in Creation! I am so grateful for this gift that Michelle offers us once every season. –Joanna


  • Michelle Winter
    Michelle Winter

    Michelle Winter is a spiritual director in the Pacific Northwest. She started working with women and adolescents in crisis using the expressive arts over 30 years ago. She lives, creates and writes in her little home in the woods of the Oregon coast range where she and her husband raised their three children and corresponding menagerie.

    Michelle is the Director of Creator Spiritus


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Wild Communion contemplative nature walk

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