The Enneagram and Shame



Apr 22 2023


Pacific Time
9:00 am - 11:30 am


$45 per person / $80 for two people registering together

You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself!

Do you remember hearing that? From teachers, parents, other trusted adults? Do you remember thinking – if only I could hide – or disappear – or shrink – or fight back- or “something”? Does your stomach wrench when you encounter a trigger? A memory?

In this workshop, we will look at some of these experiences. The Enneagram can help us to recognize and work through our journey with shame. As an Enneagram Instructor, I can offer some helpful maps, roadblocks, and sources. (I will also repeatedly encourage you to get professional help if this workshop triggers too much or gets too close “to the bone.”) It really is time to address this – if shame is big for you.

If you don’t feel you have been negatively impacted by shame – join in and find out how addressing this sneaky bedevilment can assist you or those with whom you have contact. The Enneagram can give you some pointers and help to begin the unpacking.

This will be a journey of encouragement and hope. A first step. Shame is a big, messy, troubling dynamic. Or a tiny, niggling, many-toothed rodent. You will leave with a clearer sense of what shame is and tools to begin with your own journey out of that place. Join in!


  • Kathryn Grant
    Kathryn Grant
    Certified Enneagram Instructor, Spiritual Director

    Kathryn Grant is a spiritual director and Certified Enneagram Instructor. She completed her spiritual direction training through Stillpoint/Centerpoint in Santa Barbara, CA. Her Enneagram training and certification was with Jerome Wagner, PhD. (EnneagramSpectrum Master Trainer- working with Jerry to train Enneagram instructors). She, Jerry and a colleague, Mysti Rainwater are developing an online Enneagram training course specifically for Therapists. Kathryn is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional. She holds degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL and Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL. She is also a Life Coach, trained with Clegg Coaching and Training and Mario Sikora’s Enneagram International Certification. She is honored to have co-taught Travels with Odysseus with Michael Goldberg and is an authorized workshop presenter. A confirmed storyteller, Kathryn loves the richness of good stories to enhance our learning experience!
    Visit my website:, 805-479-4117


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