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Journaling as a Spiritual Practice: Encountering God through Attentive Writing… with Helen Cepero

In this one-day online workshop, author and spiritual director Helen Cepero invites us to explore journaling as a spiritual practice that connects us with our own true heart and the heart of the Holy One. Throughout the day, Helen will guide us through a number of journaling experiences.

In her own words… “One of my favorite stories comes from writer Bruce Covington. In his memoir he writes of growing up in Georgia next to a lake that was often shrouded in fog in the evenings. Many of his friends had mothers with cow bells that rang out to let them know it was time to leave their play and come home for supper.

But in his family his father walked out from the house to the lake’s edge. Covington often couldn’t see his father, but he could hear his footsteps crunch on the beach stones. His father walked all the way to the place Covington stood and then quietly said his name- Bruce. This, he writes, is also the nature of God. The Presence comes to the place where we are and says our name.

But if we are absent from our lives, unaware of where we are or were or hope to be, we might miss that Voice. Even when the Presence is there in plain sight.

One of the journal’s gifts is that it gives us a place to show up, to name where we are, what we love and hate, our joys and our fears. We will spend this journal workshop day deepening our awareness of ourselves and God, naming what is true and real, seeing the good that is within us and around us. And that, friends, is good work; it is holy work.”

Cost: $25

Free for current cohort members in the Journey Center Spiritual Direction Formation Program. Contact Joanna for coupon code.

About Helen:

I am a wife, mother and grandmother (Oma) to three lively grandsons.  And though I’ve been a spiritual director for nearly twenty-five years, I am still energized by the way the Spirit works through all of life’s experiences of the people I companion.  I continue to practice spiritual direction and supervision from my home in Berkeley, CA and I am a program founder and supervisor for the Journey Center Association’s Spiritual Director Formation Program.  I am the author of Journaling as a Spiritual Practice:  Encountering God through Attentive Writing, and Christ-Shaped Character: Choosing Love, Faith and Hope, both published by InterVarsity Press. 


Jun 04 2022


10:00 am - 3:30 pm




Journey Center Online


Journey Center Online


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