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And What Else? A Series of Enneagram Guest Teacher Workshops with Kathryn Grant

Join us as we look at the Enneagram in new ways, guided by our wonderful guest teacher, Kathryn Grant. This 9-session series is offered on Zoom and invites us into new territory, exploring differing perspectives on familiar Enneagram concepts, thus discovering deeper insights for our journey.

Watch our video interview with Kathryn Grant about this Enneagram Series.

There are nine monthly sessions, each with a different topic. They are offered on Saturday mornings from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Pacific Time. Select the sessions you would like to attend ($35/session). Register below

  • January 15: A New Look at Subtypes-Recorded session available here
  • February 12: How do We Make Instinctual Biases Pertinent to Our Lives?
  • March 12: A New Look at Centers of Intelligence
  • April 9: A New Look at Lines of Connection
  • May 14: Wings to Take Off, Soar and Land
  • June 11: Directionality for Both Lines and Wings- Clockwise or Counter?
  • September 17: A New Look at Fixations
  • October 15: Noun to Verb Conversion
  • November 12: Striving and Motivations

In Kathryn’s own words, here is a description of what we will experience as we take a fresh look at the Enneagram:

I have chosen 8 ½ topics for our discussion. Attendees should be familiar and comfortable with Enneagram knowledge and tradition. These workshops will have a different format and emphasis – something I have wanted to pursue for quite some time – and Joanna and the Journey Center have offered their platform – Thanks!!

A little about my journey and what’s next.  I first encountered the Enneagram in 1994. I was astonished at the accuracy and wealth of self-knowledge available with this tool – or map.  I took my first Certification training with Jerry Wagner in 1997. Since then, I have read, studied with many prominent authors and teachers, taught in many venues and a variety of topics, and now co-teach Jerry’s two-part certification.  Recently I have noticed some areas where differing views or opinions are coming forward.  Many are helpful – many, not so much.  It has long been my dream to bring these weird and often wonderful ideas forward to a group who would like to play with these ideas in a safe and friendly environment – and share their own ideas and understandings.

I invite you to join in with me on my dream journey to experience the wonder of “first time” learning combined with the wisdom of time and experience.  I am hoping that these workshops will encourage curiosity.  Will open us up to possibilities and potentials and thus add to our understandings.

A word about the title:  I spent many hours and days with my granddaughter, Haylee as a little one. We would play together – dinosaurs, fish, eggs, clouds, etc. I gave great explanations for many phenomena. After finishing my learned lecture, she would look me in the eye and say, “And what else?”  That is the curiosity and adventure I hope for us to experience – and what else?

Format?  Didactic.  Break outs – and then let the fun begin.  Let’s have real conversation about these ideas and others. Let’s re-visit with new eyes. Another way to look. To bring new research to the table. Not to negate – but to add. To hear one another- we do not need to agree nor come to conclusion.

The Enneagram asks us questions:  How has this piece of the Enneagram helped you?  Changed you? Confused you? When do you identify with a concept? When do you argue? Where do these ideas live in you? Helpful? What is not helpful? How does this show up for you?


Mar 12 2022


Pacific Time
8:30 am - 10:30 am




Journey Center Online


Journey Center Online


  • Kathryn Grant
    Kathryn Grant
    Certified Enneagram Instructor, Spiritual Director

    Kathryn Grant is a spiritual director and Certified Enneagram Instructor. She completed her spiritual direction training through Stillpoint/Centerpoint in Santa Barbara, CA. Her Enneagram training and certification was with Jerome Wagner, PhD. (EnneagramSpectrum Master Trainer- working with Jerry to train Enneagram instructors). She, Jerry and a colleague, Mysti Rainwater are developing an online Enneagram training course specifically for Therapists. Kathryn is an International Enneagram Association Accredited Professional. She holds degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL and Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL. She is also a Life Coach, trained with Clegg Coaching and Training and Mario Sikora’s Enneagram International Certification. She is honored to have co-taught Travels with Odysseus with Michael Goldberg and is an authorized workshop presenter. A confirmed storyteller, Kathryn loves the richness of good stories to enhance our learning experience!

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