The Enneagram

Transformation happens when our ordinary perspective shifts and we attain a new understanding of who we really are….this is the wisdom of the Enneagram.

Russ Hudson and Don Riso

The Enneagram is a resource for transformation in our lives, relationships and communities. The nine personality types with their distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and acting are all reflections of how each of us is uniquely created in the divine image, and many people find that the Spirit speaks to us through the wisdom of the Enneagram.

Upcoming Enneagram Experiences

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February 11 Saturday

Sail the Wine Dark Sea: Enneagram series with Kathryn Grant

Meet Kathryn Grant, Enneagram Guest Teacher


March 17 Friday

“You Know the Enneagram-Now Come and Experience It” Retreat Weekend in Santa Rosa, CA

March 24 Friday

“You Know the Enneagram-Now Come and Experience It” Weekend Retreat in Santa Barbara, CA

Enneagram Videos

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