When Did it Change?

Original Poem by Shawn Gutshall, Journey Center Santa Rosa Board Member

Haunted was I 

craving to know; 

rained did I; no,


drenching the friends

who would listen: 

tell me please

I want to know.

Where can I find

the answers?

Endless miles I tread

on foot, 2 wheels, and four,

zigzagged continents,  

planed over ocean floors.

Fingers whisking the pages 

I dug, I probed the sages.

Quench this harrowing thirst

I wrenched, shaking a fist

at the heavens above.

A wise woman offered 

2 decades ago: 

“Be patient…. Learn to love the questions….” 

Impossible! My unrelenting lament. 

What happened 

between then and now? 

Because the questions, 

I’ve just discovered, 

are as 

delicious as my

homemade chocolate mousse. 

And what could be more delicious?


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