Christine Fox

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My name is Christine Fox. I have been involved in the Journey Center from its beginning, both participating in and facilitating workshops.

The Journey Center came into my life at a very difficult time. In the process of divorce from a long and difficult marriage I was discovering who I was afresh. I was struggling to believe the dreams and passions that God had given me were still alive. As I discovered that they were indeed very much alive, the question became how then do I live into them?

Being in the second half of life presents very different fears, responsibilities and doubts. Though the Enneagram series, retreat and subsequent coaching I was able to begin taking baby steps to discovering the true self I believe God created me to be. It helped me learn to walk towards my dreams and passions.

Spiritual Direction has helped me to recognize the heart of the contemplative living within me and develop spiritual practices that have helped nurture that heart. My directors have given me the tools to view, process and navigate my journey.

The Journey Center has helped me step into my calling of being a warrior, defending the undefended women of Kenya.

My work with women in Kenya involves working with “the least of these”. Women and young girls with a condition call fistula, caused by complications of childbirth and rape. They are often shunned, isolated and economically impoverished. When I look at them I see them shrouded in a cloak of shame. I believe my work in spiritual direction and the development of contemplative practices has allowed me to see these women with the eyes and heart of God. He/she has given me the willingness and a passion to live and walk along side of them – helping them achieve wholeness.

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