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One of the Great Gifts

One of the great gifts of Life, is that we get to fall in love over and over. It’s like the parable we often refer to as “The Prodigal Son.” We may wander far from home, but we get to return again. Not only that, we get to experience returning home again. We get to

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A Change in the Light

I was sitting in my favorite chair today not thinking about anything in particular when I noticed  that a patch of sunlight was in the wrong place! In the mornings over the summer the sun reaches beyond the tiles and onto the carpet. Today, it barely warmed the tiles. Ah, a change in the light.

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My Grandmother’s Knives

My grandma died a couple of years ago, she was 100 ½ years old and died peacefully at her own kitchen table. She sat down with a teapot full of tea and passed away before it was empty. When her things were being packed up I was asked if there was anything I wanted as

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Saying Yes to the Archangel

On the feast of the Annunciation, I began to think about Mary. We know the story, we revere her for being the Mother of our Lord. But when Gabriel brought her the message and the request, she said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”  What was she saying yes to?  I’m reminded of unwed mothers all over

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An Imaginative Prayer Practice

I invite you to be present to Psalm 23 in an imaginative way. Before beginning,  take in a few deep breaths to quiet and center yourself.   I invite you to read the psalm a first time and just to take it in.   Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd. I will have everything I

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One of my favorite people in the world is someone I never met. Well, in person that is. I did meet with him on a daily basis as a child on our family’s black and white television. He welcomed me into his neighborhood and home, introduced me to his friends and neighbors, and told me, every day, that I was special and worthy of love.

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