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Welcome to our Reflections blog, where spiritual directors and others from Journey Centers around the world share their thoughts and hearts with us.

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Encountering the Holy in Creation

One of the nine pathways we offer here at Journey Center Online is an invitation to encounter the Holy in beautiful Creation… and that is just the experience I was blessed with yesterday! I joined Michelle’s Wild Communion group in the morning; two of us called in from Northern California, one from Oregon and one

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A Way of Community That is Enough

I always thought that I did not have ‘the gift’ of community. I see others that are much more skilled in what I think community looks like. My mother-in-law put on legendary meals, both for their deliciousness, and their size! She would invite friends and strangers alike, and really, to her, no one was a

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The Magdalene’s Blessing

For Easter Day

You hardly imagined
standing here,
everything you ever loved
suddenly returned to you,
looking you in the eye
and calling your name…

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A Pandemic Thanksgiving

Oh God, During this Thanksgiving season, our hearts are immensely heavy, and so we lament. Covid has taken so many lives and has isolated us one from another, racism and white supremacy have claimed too many lives as they invoke evil on the black community. A stressful political environment has us on edge. It has

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The Blessing of Slowing Down

Near the beginning of the pandemic, here in Northern California, the time to plant our summer garden came in mid-April. Sheltering in place had abruptly and completely changed the place and pace of my usually “busy outside the house” life. Being forced by circumstances to slow down and stay at home has indeed been frustrating,

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