A Pandemic Thanksgiving

Oh God,

During this Thanksgiving season,

our hearts are immensely heavy, and so we lament.

Covid has taken so many lives and has isolated us one from another,

racism and white supremacy have claimed too many lives

as they invoke evil on the black community.

A stressful political environment has us on edge.

It has been a year of pandemics.

And if that isn’t enough,

other heartbreaks that have pushed in on us,

the loss of work, relationship, community, and storms of every kind.

And we wonder as we cry out,

How Long Oh God?

This year has been so murky,

And yet, knowing

You are a God who invites lament

is a gift beyond itself.

We not only have the freedom to lament,

but you beckon us to draw close

and to pour out our hearts to you.

You invite us to share our tears of sorrow,

to speak our sadness,

and to give you the burdens

that weigh too heavy upon us.

We are reminded in the midst of all else,

that you care about us,

that you are Emmanuel God with us.

Even when we can’t see, you remain near.

Your presence is made known through simple acts of kindness,

Through those who embody you and your compassion,

Through simple things like sunshine and wind chimes

And a warm greeting from a friend or neighbor.

So though we come with heavy hearts,

We are grateful that we can do so

and to name it all to you,

who holds us when we can’t stand anymore

and when there are no tears left.

Thank you compassionate God for the ways

You reveal yourself to us.

Open our eyes that we may recognize more.

We offer this our pandemic Thanksgiving

knowing you hurt with us

And you never leave our side. Amen.

If you are in need of support and would like to talk to someone, we have spiritual directors who would love to meet with you. Or if you would like to be a part of an online support group, please contact us and we can connect you with one. Contact Journey Center of Chicago through their website: https://journeycenterofchicago.org

God’s peace to you in these times.
Rev. Eva Sullivan-Knoff,
Founder and Executive Director, Journey Center of Chicago


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