Welcome! You have found your way to the Journey Center Online, the “umbrella” organization for a growing number of Journey Centers.

We provide a safe and sacred online space for your spiritual journey. Explore our live online experiences, pre-recorded videos and contemplative resources

There are also many more resources at each Journey Center location’s website:
Journey Center Santa Rosa, CA: http://www.journeycentersantarosa.org
Journey Center of Chicago, IL: https://journeycenterofchicago.org

At Journey Center Online, you are invited to...

Come As You Are

Everyone is welcome here…whoever you are, wherever you are, however you are on this day, at this season in your life. You are welcome here. 

Encounter The Holy

We offer online sacred space for you …beautiful, safe, loving, peaceful space where you can open yourself to experiencing the Presence and Love of the Holy One and the movement of the Spirit in your life.

See What Happens!

When we open ourselves to this Love and to the work of the Spirit in our lives, something does indeed happen…and what that is will be unique to you and your journey.

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These online experiences are facilitated by spiritual directors from various Journey Centers in the U.S. and beyond.

December 2021
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