Printable Donation Form

graphic of formIf you would like to give the Journey Center a donation via cash or check, please print out our "printable donation form" (pdf). Fill it out and submit with your donation to the Journey Center (1601 4th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404). This will allow us to keep a record of your donation in our database. If you would like to use your credit card to make a donation, you can do so using our online donation form.

Thank you for choosing to partner with The Journey Center! Your gifts make it possible for us to bring the Living Water to the spiritually thirsty of Sonoma County (in person) and the world (via our website). Because of your support and generosity, people from every spiritual path are finding a safe place to encounter God and be transformed. We pray that you will be blessed in knowing that you have contributed to many lives being touched by the Spirit's love and power!