Journey Center Happenings

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You will see as you look through the happenings information to the right that we have grouped events according to each particular “series” that we are developing. Each series offers a variety of workshops, groups, gatherings, retreats and events:

  • The Contemplative Life Series is for those of you interested in deepening your awareness of the Holy through spiritual practices and the resource of spiritual direction.

  • The Counseling, Healing and Recovery Series offers individual, couple and group resources for those who are seeking guidance, healing and wholeness in their lives.

  • The Enneagram Series offers resources for beginners and those familiar with the Enneagram to continue to learn and experience transformation in life and relationships through this great tool for understanding the nine unique personality styles.

  • The Healthy Living Series encourages us to take care of our physical bodies and health, truly a gift to treasure.

  • The Arts, Creativity and Spirituality Series supports the arts and invites us all to discover and express our creative gifts.

  • The Men's Spirituality Series provides a safe and productive place for men to explore what it’s like to live in our modern society with so many expectations and cultural norms that seem to conflict with spiritual growth and wholeness.

  • The Sharing the Sacred Series is about building bridges of friendship and understanding in our community through visiting various faith communities and participating in interfaith events.

  • The Encountering the Holy in Creation Series brings us into contact with nature and into encounter with the Creator.

  • Festivals and Community Activities - throughout the year, we take the Journey Center booth to various markets and festivals, handing out free water and offering healing prayer.

  • The Compassion, Mercy and Justice Series invites us to make a difference in our world.

  • Special Events give us opportunities to connect with God and others through a variety of other experiences.

  • Please RSVP early if you plan to attend an event. Low sign-up numbers may cause the event to be cancelled.