Lectio Divina Instructions

Lectio Divina InstructionsRead with a vulnerable heart. Expect to be blessed in the reading. Read as one awake, one waiting for the Beloved. Read with reverence. Macrina Wiederkehr

"Lectio Divina" is Latin for "spiritual reading" or "holy reading". It is the ancient prayer practice that allows us to encounter the Living God through His written Word.

When we practice Lectio Divina, we are saying to God… "Here I am. I am listening. I want You to speak into my life, for I know that when You do, I will be helped, healed and changed."

In Lectio Divina, we come with an open heart and without an agenda… this allows God to do His work in us, as He chooses.

We begin by quieting our heart and mind and turning our focus to God. It helps me to remember that I am entering into the presence of the Living God who is HERE… present with me in this place, this holy space. I let everything else go, as best as I can, and set the time aside for being with God and hearing His voice.

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