Centering Prayer Instructions

centering prayer instructionsFor a little while give your time to God, and rest in Him for a little.
Enter the inner chamber of your mind,
shut out all things save God,
and having barred the door of your chamber, say to Him,
“Thy face, O Lord, will I seek.”

(St. Anselm of Canterbury)

Centering Prayer is a contemporary form of an ancient Christian prayer practice that takes us gently into a deeper and deeper intimacy with God. We are invited to be still, and silent, with the Divine. We sit down with the intention to consent to both the presence and action of the Holy Spirit within us, inviting Him to heal and transform us. For an excellent introduction to both the practice and fruits of centering prayer, read Thomas Keating's book, Open Mind, Open Heart.

Begin by Choosing your “Sacred Word”

What special words have power to lift your eyes to God and your heart to the Spirit? In centering prayer, we use a single word to focus on God and prepare ourselves for the gift of God’s presence.

Choose a sacred word that represents your desire for God or God’s yearning for you. A simple word is best, such as Jesus, Lord, God, Father, Spirit, love, peace or beloved. Choose ONE word, not a phrase.

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