About the Journey Center

We are all in different places and seasons on our journey through life and towards God. If you have found your way to this blog, it’s very possible that you are one who is spiritually thirsty, longing to experience the presence of God and the transformation that comes from that encounter. We welcome you gladly!

The Journey Center is a place for transformation! We are not a church or an institution, but a group of people who have encountered the Living Christ and are being transformed by Love into who we were created to be! If you are becoming aware that the Spirit is inviting you to move closer to your own true heart and the heart of your loving Creator, it is our desire to offer you encouragement and resources, whatever your spiritual path may be.

We invite you to also explore our website and learn more about how the Journey Center is here to encourage you on the journey, wherever you find yourself today (www.journeycenter.org)!

*Please send any comments/feedback regarding the blog to lisa@journeycenter.org.

One Response to About the Journey Center

  1. Barbara Scheele says:

    I was listening to a taped recording of a centering prayer session, and I heard the reader mention a poem by Carroll Houslander. So I googled song and reed, and found–you!
    Then I joined the blog list. And now I’m looking forward to, well, more. What a lovely surprise . . . Barbara

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