Quiet Places By Joan LaViolette

snowy path through woodsA while back my daughter, grandson, and I had the good fortune to go stay at a lovely place just outside of Yosemite. On the way up it began to snow on us. I had not seen snow fall for a very long time, it was wonderful. One thing was very clear to me-falling snow is very quiet. I just loved the quiet feeling it gave to me. I think of God as being quiet, enfolding everything is his quietness. I guess another way to describe this would be peaceful. The peacefulness one can attain through contemplative payer. We at the Journey Center study and practice this comtemplative way of being with God. I was introduced to this prayer practice here. I had never heard of this way of praying before. I find it very healing for my body and my soul to sit with my God in a quietness that only he can provide us with. What a gift God gives to us, in the middle of the turmoil that life can present, he calls us to sit and just be with him in this moment. This is so rejuvenating for one. Quietness is very foreign to our culture in America, everything is so loud and moves at such a rapid pace. Where can one experience this peace? The wonder of it all, is, you can experience this anywhere at anytime. Where and how do you experience this quiet peacefulness with your God? Blessings to you, Joan L

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