The Enneagram: A Tool for Transformation and Community by Joanna Quintrell

Photo of nine hands for Enneagram SeriesWhat has nine points, helps us live from our true and most noble self, and brings transformation into our relationships?

The first time I heard about the Enneagram, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I was told by an enthusiastic friend… “You are a TWO, Joanna! You are SO a TWO!” Feeling labeled and put into a box that I didn’t understand, I decided right then and there that I really didn’t want anything to do with this strange-sounding something called the Enneagram.

A few years went by and then the Spirit came calling. An organization I belong to decided that the Enneagram was an excellent tool for our work with leaders and they sent me to Chicago for 8 days to be trained as an Enneagram workshop presenter. And- what do you know!- once I opened myself to learning about this unique system of understanding human personality, I was grateful that my original negativity didn’t keep me from discovering what the Enneagram offers to those of us seeking transformation and community. I almost missed a treasure!

I love that the Enneagram and spirituality go together. From a spiritual perspective, the Enneagram is rooted in the divine character and helps us discover how we are made in the divine image and the ways in which we “shine” and bring unique and important gifts to the world. Where the pain and losses we experience in life have led us to adapt unhealthy and false ways of being in order to survive, the Enneagram helps us understand our brokenness and gives us practical tools for moving toward healing and wholeness in ourselves and in our relationships.

I have been facilitating Enneagram workshops and groups for almost 3 years at the Journey Center and what I have seen happen in people’s lives and relationships has been far beyond my expectations. I can honestly tell you that it’s true…this IS a powerful tool for transformation!

Barbara says “Studying the Enneagram at the Journey Center in this past year has been an incredibly enlightening experience.  Through studying the Enneagram types, I feel I have more compassion and understanding both for myself and others.  It has been equal to a year’s worth of therapy (both individual and couple’s) and far more fun!”

Shauna’s experience is similar… “At the Enneagram classes, I’ve had many ‘AHA!’ moments about myself and the relationships I’m in.  The most valuable thing for me has been to learn more compassion for myself and compassion for others.”

If love and compassion are the fruit of a healthy spirituality, then the Enneagram helps us live from that place in ourselves where love and compassion are possible.

Enneagram DiagramNot only is the Enneagram a tool for transformation, but it is also a resource for building and sustaining community. We are blessed to be a center for Enneagram studies here in the North Bay and there is a growing community of folks who are participating in our workshops and groups. We all come seeking an experience of transformation and we are finding that it is in community that the wisdom of the Enneagram can be deeply understood and applied to our lives.

This year we are continuing to develop the “Enneagram Series” offering introductory workshops, 5-week Enneagram Exploration groups, monthly “Going Deeper with the Enneagram” gatherings, quarterly workshops featuring guest teachers and an annual Enneagram retreat. Please consider joining us and discovering this fascinating and wonderful resource for your journey toward wholeness! To learn more, visit the Enneagram page at our website:

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2 Responses to The Enneagram: A Tool for Transformation and Community by Joanna Quintrell

  1. paula umino says:

    I hope this is the spot to let you know that I am planning on attending the introductory workshop on Jan. 30th and I am interested in the 5 week session just based on YOUR comments and on what I have read from the internet. I took the simple test on the internet and found it helpful. Please keep in touch if I should do more than send this note to enroll. Thanks!

  2. says:

    Hello, The Introductory workshop has actually been cancelled. You can refer to other workshops, or events happening by clicking this link.
    Also, to register for a class please register on the website:
    Or by calling The Journey Center at (707) 578-2121
    Hope that helps!

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