A Journey Center Story, introduced by Ruah Bull

Kathleen is a member of our Thursday evening Centering Prayer group, and as part of the ‘faith sharing’ after the prayer she began to tell us what a refuge the Journey Center had become for her- a place of healing and support, comfort and creativity, on her spiritual journey. She offered to write up a brief essay on her experience, and gave me permission to post it as a blog. Her story means so much to us– for what Kathleen describes finding  is exactly what God has inspired us to do here at the center– hearing her experience, and seeing her happy and glowing face was a gift we wanted to share.
Blessings to all,

I started coming to the Journey Center in August, after having met Fr. Vincent Pizzuto at a friend’s son’s birthday party.  It was one of those days when I wondered why we had driven 2-1/2 hours to a party where we knew very few people and were being snubbed by our daughter and son-in-law:  One of those days!  But when I met Vincent and he asked me if I had ever been to the Journey Center in Santa Rosa and I replied that I had never heard of it – he gave me Ruah’s email address and phone number and said I should give it a try.  That was why we drove 2-1/2 hours! 

The first event I attended was the first Thursday in August discussion group that had been called “The Jesus Conversation”.  I met Dick and the other interesting people who attended and found that I had landed in exactly the place I longed for:  Spiritually rich, open minded, intelligent and questioning, and everyone in their own way longing to know God and experience the mystery of God in a deeper and more meaningful way.  There were people from a wide variety of spiritual faith traditions:  Catholic, Jewish, Evangelical Christian, agnostic, and me, a Science-of-Mind person and former Catholic. It was wonderful!  Two of the people who attended said that they would be unable to talk this freely and ask these spiritual questions in their own faith community.  That was curious to me but I realized that their “home” faith community must offer them a richness and depth in its own way and they could augment their dogma with this opportunity to explore more deeply what it means to be a spiritual person.

I began attending Thursday Centering Prayer and come to A Quiet Place on Wednesdays when I can.  I have been introduced to Taize chanting by one of the members, the writings of Thomas Keating and my spirit is comforted and renewed by the stories and prayers of my fellow Journey-Center travelers.  It is for me a place of Peace and that is a very important and often difficult place to find.  Not only peace, but also acceptance – wherever I happen to be on my spiritual journey.  Rooted in Christianity, the Directors are open, interested and knowledgeable about other traditions:  all spiritual journeys are welcomed and supported.  I feel very blessed to have this wonderful resource as part of my life:  a place of peace, learning and acceptance and a respite from the busy, chaotic and sometimes frightening world.  Thank you!

Kathleen Roberts, 10/17/10

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