The Journey Center Story

by Joanna Quintrell

photo of JoannaGod is full of surprises!

It was early 2003; Dan Beach and I were each going about the things we normally do, serving as pastors on the staff of a church in Santa Rosa, California. What we didn't know was that God was working in each of us separately, to both revolutionize our personal spiritual journeys AND to birth something new that He wanted to do here in Sonoma County.

So here we sat in Applebee's restaurant, staring at each other over lunch... stunned and surprised by what had just happened. I had described to Dan how I had been on a quiet retreat when I had sensed God saying that He wanted to tell me about something new He was going to do. I had written it all down, including the name (The Journey Center) and the fact that some day we would have our own building.

As I shared with Dan the details of what the Journey Center would offer, and my own sense of puzzlement about what this all meant, I realized that he had a very unusual look on his face. When I finished my story, he said (very slowly), "Joanna…God has been giving me EXACTLY the same vision for several months, including the part about the building!" I can just see God smiling as it dawned on us that He was up to something beyond what either of us could have previously imagined!

It was clear to both of us that we weren't to run out and try to make this all happen, but instead we were to wait prayerfully as God unfolded it. And that is exactly what He has done over the past 6 years. One step at a time and one resource at a time, the vision has been becoming a reality. Each resource we are enabled to offer is an expression of the loving heart of God for the spiritually thirsty, the struggling traveler, the lonely wanderer, the adventurous child, the joyful heart... whoever we are, and wherever we find ourselves on the journey.

In 2007, it became clear to us that God’s intention was for the Journey Center to become a separate non-profit organization, which we did in 2008. After asking “Where do you want the Journey Center to be?”, we were led to our new “home” and in May 2008 we moved into this beautiful facility on 4th Street in Santa Rosa. We have also been called to reach outside the walls of our facility, building relationships in many settings with the spiritually thirsty in the local community around us, not expecting that everyone will be comfortable coming to where we are. And He is asking us to provide web-based resources for the internet community, so that you can find support for your journey, wherever you live!

We are thrilled at what God is doing as He reveals His heart, as we hope you will be as you explore this website. Know that each and every resource, class and experience is there for you as you continue on your journey closer to the heart of God!