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photo of DanDan Beach's Journey Story

Born into a new family of faith I began my spiritual journey with my earliest memories. My parents had come to faith during my mother's pregnancy and made major changes to their lifestyles before I came into the world. My first most vivid memory is that of standing in a crib of a church nursery behind the window of the worship center trying to understand what the man in the front was talking about. And that is what I have been working at since then in my own journey of faith.

For much of my childhood faith was a family affair because that is what the Beach family did. It was on a cold December's night in 1970 when it occurred to me that I needed to address the issue of making faith individual and personal. That decision has influenced all other decisions in my life as I continue to discover God on a daily basis. After high school I chose to apply at Biola College in southern California because they made integration of faith and learning a high priority in all of their class offerings. After some trying on of other majors I ended up having a dual major in Psychology and Bible with a minor in Sociology. I was then accepted into the Marriage and Family Therapy masters program and was graduated with a MA MFCC and was licensed in 1987 in the State of California as a MFT.

I have spent most of my adult life providing therapy with a bent towards integration of faith and learning in private practice with nearly four years in an hospital outpatient program.

A life of faith is the encounter of living in the moment for eternity. It is very gratifying to share with others as we all travel the road of life.

My wish and blessing to you is: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace."

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