Our core beliefs


We exist to offer a Christ-centered haven for spiritual exploration and reflection.


Where all can encounter God, be transformed, and express radical love to the world.

Core values…

Love – We desire love to be the motivation for all that we do.

Radical Hospitality – We are a safe, welcoming and helpful place to find rest and refreshment.

Contemplation – We welcome silence, solitude and sacred space to encounter the Holy.

Prayer – Whether in silence or spoken, we honor the form you are comfortable with.

Solitude & Silence – We believe it is important to provide space for this rare treasure in our busy world.

Spiritual Direction – At the core of the Journey Center is spiritual direction; the art of attending to another as they listen, explore and reflect on the movement of God in their lives and how they wish to respond to to what the Spirit is prompting or nudging them towards.

Discernment (individual & community) – We practice pausing to listen to what the Spirit is speaking.

Being Missional – We desire to share the welcoming, radical love we experience with others.

Compassion, Mercy & Justice – We believe in the dignity of all and seek to live and engage with respect and empathy in our community. The value of mercy is inextricably linked to the value of justice.

Creativity – We believe that we can encounter the Divine when we are enjoying the arts or out in nature together.

Authenticity – We desire to show up as we are and be met with love and acceptance.

Presence – We value being present with each other over perfection. We practice sacred listening so we feel seen and heard.

Community – As we live out the values of love, authenticity, and presence, community happens.

We are a center for spirituality, healing and wholeness. Many who visit us for the first time ask if we are a church or affiliated with a particular church, and they want to know if they are expected to have the same spiritual path and beliefs as we do in order to come to the Center. Those of us who serve here are Christ-centered, and you will see in reading our bios that though we have an encounter with the Living Christ in common, we have come to that relationship from different paths and live out our journey in unique ways. And we most certainly welcome everyone and believe that among the resources we offer, you will find encouragement for your unique journey. There is no “requirement” that you have to agree with what we believe! At the same time, we do want you to know something about our experience of God and beliefs.

1. About God, ourselves and life…

We believe that God the Creator made everything that exists and created each of us for a loving relationship with Him, in which we thrive and are free to be the unique person we were designed to be.

We believe that we lose this treasure and our true purpose when we choose to live life on our own terms, disconnected from this relationship.

We believe that the Father has done everything to reach us and restore us, including taking human form in the person of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the life, death and resurrection of Christ was to do for us what we could not do for ourselves, making a way for us to be restored to this vital relationship and our own true heart.

We believe that there is nothing we can do to earn or win the love of God, either through being good or pursuing any form of spirituality that requires us to "perform" in order to be worthy of relationship with Him.

We believe that our part is to simply acknowledge that we have chosen our own way, to ask forgiveness, to receive what Christ has done for us, and to return to the loving relationship that is freely offered to us.

We believe that the Spirit of God is actively working in us to bring us to this new life, and then lives within us and enables us to grow closer to God and be in a process of transformation, becoming more Christ-like as we continue on this journey.

We believe that we are not called to live this new life alone; we are designed to live in growing, healthy and loving relationships with others who are fellow travelers on the journey.

We believe that only God can heal our wounds and set us free from what keeps us from becoming who He created us to be, and we know that this is His heart's desire!

2. About the Journey Center…

We believe that God's heart is filled with compassion for the spiritually thirsty (which is all of us!) and that He desires for there to be a safe, peaceful and encouraging place (in Sonoma County, California and online) where people are supported on their spiritual journey.

We believe that we are called to develop and provide a wide variety of resources, classes, retreats and experiences for all who are spiritually thirsty, and who are journeying closer to their own true hearts and the heart of God.

We believe that we are to be a center for spiritual direction, where people can meet individually and in groups to focus on their relationship with God and the movement of the Spirit in their lives. Everything we do here is rooted in spiritual direction, and we offer a training program for those who are feeling called to serve as spiritual directors and retreat leaders.

We believe that our God will provide all that is needed to accomplish what He has in His heart!